At bluerub we balance nature with science to produce a 95%+ naturally derived formulation. We promise, if you aren't happy with our products, simply return them for a full refund.



Simply Put...
Our Products Work

People ask us,"Why do I need to go natural?  Why not purchase the least expensive body care products at the local grocery?"


bluerub products don't expose your body to unwanted synthetic chemicals and toxins.   Natural body care products like bluerub are proven to moisturize and heal your skin while minimizing synthetics.  Our products are healthy for your body and our planet.  


At bluerub, we balance nature with science to produce a 95% naturally derived formulation.  Our chamois cream, anti-chafing stick, and relief balms are healthy for your body and healthy for the planet.   We promise, if you aren't happy with our products, simply return them for a full refund.


Simply put, bluerub products work!  


Balancing Nature
with Science

Let's get it out on the table. bluerub is NOT 100% All Natural!  Our line of products use the highest quality natural formulations balancing nature with science .  What you put on your skin absorbs into your body, every time, so we have made a conscious decision NOT to use parabens, petroleums, SLS, or silicone in any of our products.  What we do use at the lowest and safest possible amount are FDA approved preservatives.


“Chemicals can be absorbed through skin and into the blood stream, causing toxic effects,” says the Extension Toxicology Network (EXTOXNET). 


Why does bluerub use these preservatives?  Research shows that yeast, mold or bacteria can get into products that don't have preservatives, which can lead to infection.


Why do we exclude parabens, petroleums, SLS, or silicone in all of our products?  Research shows that any amount of these toxins can 

penetrate the skin, enter the blood stream, and accumulate in the body’s organs or unborn child.  


Researcher Linda Chaé, writing for

discussed this topic:


“Recent studies by dermatologists at the University of California and a multiple university cooperative team confirm that skin absorption is the major route of entry [for chemicals from skin or hair products getting into the womb].”


Our goal is to create the highest quality products that are good for your body and the earth.


bluerub products are cruelty-free.  We never test on animals - NEVER!


At bluerub, we take responsibility for our sustainable 

manufacturing from beginning to end.  We not only address the waste that results from producing our products, but we also commit to doing business with the highest ethical standards and providing the safest working environment we can for our associates.


"We need to treat our clients, our 

communities and our planet with dignity and respect."


That commitment is reflected in our naturally derived products, high-quality production, community reputation, and minimal environmental impact.

As a socially responsible company, we believe that our suppliers should share in this commitment.  Our tubing is a Single Material Solution for all parts of the tube.  Polypropylene (PP) has reduced trials due to compatibility testing and the entire tube is Code 5 recyclable. PP has the lowest CO2 emissions by weight of all plastics, shortened manufacturing process, less production energy required, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduced wall thickness (<600 microns - includes label).


bluerub has set a goal to minimize waste of materials from manufacturing to office operations.  We are committed to making continual improvements that will lead to achieving our objective of less landfilling.  


This initiative will be good for the environment, good for our community and good for our business:  less waste to landfill means less waste, optimized logistics, and fewer disposal costs.

In the end its good for our bodies and our planet!


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